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Prayers appreciated.
I ask for the Lord to bless me, my family and my life. I was wrongfully terminated from my job. My boss has not allowed me to have breaks, but gives breaks to others. She has lied to me, not spoken to me, and made accusations against me that was a lie, just to intimidate me to working unfair shifts and long work hours. She refused to give me a copy my contract, and has made manipulative subtle threats. She also has given special treatment to her Asian coworkers ( giving them lunch breaks and the best work hours even if they're after me or before me, and other special treatment). I was never late, I always left on time, I was nice to everyone. She also engages in pretending she cares about the patients at the clinic but it is only face value. I have to be careful because if the whole truth came, she could manipulate things to try to sue me. Therefore, I ask for God to destroy her, all her evil, the evil she does behind closed doors and to people. I pray for a better position for me.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: USA
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