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Prayer request for America
Please pray in agreement with me: Dear Heavenly Father we thank you in advance for hearing and answering this prayer. We pray that all Americans be drawn to the Lord Jesus Christ to receive salvation in him alone. We pray that people will read and study the Bible and meditate on the Word of God to abide in your word. We pray for repentance and revival for personal relationships with Jesus to be established and strengthened. We pray that America repents of homosexuality, lesbianism,idolotry, witchcraft,sorcery, materialism,sexual immorality,murders,hatred,antichrist,false religion and open rebellion toward God. We pray for restoration of our families and our country. WE ask Lord for extraordinary miracles in America! We ask God to bring an end to witchcraft, sorcery,idolatry,,murders, antichrist spirit, jezebel spirit, all evil spirits, violence, godlessness and hatred. We pray for deliverance of those who are in bondage to drugs, alcohol and other addictions. We pray also for del
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Louisville
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