Prayer Request

Prayer request
My name is Diana and can you please pray for my job situation. On December 19, 2022, we welcomed a new manager, Sebastian Head, whose leadership style has unfortunately brought turmoil into my work life. I have been working for the university since 2019 and this manager has given me a bad reputation and he has lied on my performance reviews. I am under so much stress , I’m asking for your prayers for Sebastian to announce in a meeting that he has excepted another position elsewhere. Despite previous positive experiences under leadership, Dale, John, and Nicole, Sebastian's approach has been markedly different. I find myself facing unfair treatment, encountering false statements in my performance reviews, and enduring a hostile work environment where I feel singled out. Please pray that Sebastian boss Gina, HR and my union Rep will read my performance review and rebuttal and determine that this is clearly retaliation.Please pray that he’s actively searching for a new job.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Sacramento, CA, USA
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