Prayer Request

Prayer REquest
Please help me pray for a new career, one that I can learn, grow, and do great things in the sight of God. A career that allows me to serve God through my talents and help produce more for Gods kingdom. Please pray that I find purpose in my new life in Jesus and not look the the old things that kept me living in sin and fear. Please pray that I find my husband of God. I have lived alone for many years and I am in need of a helper, a husband, a friend to pray with, a husband to serve God with, etc. I am getting up in age and have not had children and I truly want a family so please pray that I find the Godly husband to have a family with. Please pray that I find a house with land for a family farm business that allow people to serve the lord through the farm and host church on the farm, etc. These are the desires of my heart and I know I can’t do anything without God and prayer. Thank you in advance for praying with me and for me. Best,
Name: Shakeisha
City/State: St. Louis, MO, USA
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