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Prayer of peace and hope
I want to ask for prayer for my brother from another mother Randy. He's not a believer in Christ, but I feel moved by my love for him to reach out with my heart felt prayer. Please pray that my bro would have wisdom and understanding. That his heart would be softened towards me. That he would be willing and able to listen. Without being defensive. I have always felt that he would be someone who would make a big mark in my life and be a blessing. That I would also be to him as well. He is heavy, and is considering gastric bypass surgery. I'm concerned because I love him. I don't want to loose him. While, I can't and don't want to have control of what he does. I pray that if he's just being lazy. That it's not the best thing for him. That the lord would put obstacles in his path, to prevent him from doing it. That the lord would move through doctors or someone of key importance in his life. That the lord would reveal a solution that would be just as good or better.
Name: Rusty
City/State: Grass Valley
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