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prayer for my son and grandchildren
my son's been w/wife 15yrs, married 3, she's bi-polar but not medicated, they have 3 girls 13, 12 & 3. She isn't kind to them. She'll do better for 3-4 months but goes back to her old ways. She's cheated on him 8 times that we know of ,he always forgives. She screams & punches holes in walls when they don't have $ to do things but refuses to get a job. In the yrs they've been together she's never worked. He bought her a nice car 3 yrs ago, makes pmts, now that his truck died she won't pick him up from work, he's had to walk home all week, 2hr walk after working 10hrs. He has video of her screaming, cussing and calling 2 older girls names & now she unplugs the cameras in the house. She's into witchcraft, claiming she's "only manifesting good things" but her behavior has only gotten worse. My son wanted to go to church a couple weeks ago, she accused him of wanting find someone to cheat w/! Please pray for their safety. I've asked deliver us from her if she'll never know Jesus
Name: yvonne
City/State: Charleston, SC, USA
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