Prayer Request

Prayer For High Pay Focus Groups Pray For My Mom and Girlfriend Wife
FATHER GOD YHWH YIREH JESUS CHRIST I AM Asking PLease Provide Focus Group Opportunities with Jackson Adept Research $375 Per Day once Every 10 Days PLease BLess My Mom Divina Martinez Rodriguez with a Very Long Life Powerfully Protect My Mom Powerfully Keep My Mom Safe Give My Mom a Mellow Heart Mind and Mouth Speech of Love to Stop Provoking The Enemy PLease Give Us Full Overflow Peace In Our Rental Home in 4380 Adam RD PLease Deliver Us From Every Evil Attack of Fallen Angels and Evil Strong Men BLess Me with a Very Beautiful Gorgeous Pretty Norway English Danish Northwest German Girlfriend Wife PLease Provide Potential Dates with a Woman Age 30's with BLue Eyes or Yellow Green Eyes PLease Cancel Every Evil Attack of Satan Demons Cancel All Anti Christian Anti Semitism Attacks Against My Life Give Me and My Mom Full Peace PLease Stop My Mom Divina Provoking Satan Fallen Angels in People's Men's Heart Specially Mayra's Husband Provide Housing in Bertha's Guest House or a Guest House
Name: Francisco Xavier
City/State: California City, California, EE. UU.
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Prayer Requests


Please pray for my son and family.


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