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Hello! I'm a born-again Christian and just recently retired. I'm not by any means rich but rich in God's Blessings and Mercy. I'm 65 years old and expecting my first grand-daughter in May. I sacrificed and purchased infant clothes, mailed it 1st Class Priority (insured) and it's been 6-weeks and hasn't been delivered to Altamonte Springs, Florida from Virginia. The USPS states, today, that the inquiry has been closed. Please part the Red Sea Holy Ghost and allow the baby's package to be delivered. I survived a cardiac arrest so I know My God will deliver and "on-time". There is nothing impossible for him. I'm reaching out to all the Prayer Warriors to join in in agreement for GOD to locate, recover, and deliver this package to my daughter. In Jesus' Mighty and Matchless Name...Amen!!!
Name: Cecilia
City/State: Hampton
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