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New Job
I recently reconnected with God and liberated myself from many demons. I have been building a very strong relationship with him which has pushed me to be getting attacked. I also have been having dreams of those demons fighting with me, so God called me to do a fast. I am on day 2 of my 3-day Esther fast. A lot of things have been revealed to me and I have been able to overcome which I am very happy about. The one thing I am struggling with, and the reason for this request, is that I need guidance on my career and God-given purpose. There is a job I am waiting to hear back from and if it's in the will of God, I would like prayers on that. It is a job that I have been feeling called to do but I feel like I am underqualified for. I want prayers for strength and for me to find a job (whether it is this job or another) aligned with God. I want God to reveal to me my purpose, and for me to be able to reflect this purpose in my career.
Name: Jennifer
City/State: Lynn
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