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My son is lead off his good path
We live in South Dakota and my son who just graduated high school last year and is such a good young man but went through a lot of mourning from multiple deaths in the family, was supposed to go on to a college he's wanted to go to his whole life, got involved with some strange older woman in Ohio who has gotten him to want to move there and put off his education. She never graduated high school and lives in a camper. I also believe she is mentally ill because she is a woman who gave birth to a child, but she wants to be a man and has my son calling her boyfriend and yet even though she wants to be a man, she wants to be with a basically, she wants to be a gay man. Even though she is clearly a woman and gave birth to a child, she gets mad if anyone used the pronoun she or her while talking to her or about her. It makes no sense at all. She has my son's mind warped.He started saying things he would never say before & treating me his mom cruel & heartless, which is new behavior
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Wanblee, SD, USA
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