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My Mentally Ill Sister
My sister is mentally ill. We are not exactly sure what her illness is, because she refuses to go to the doctor. But she does not work (she is 67), but even before that, could not hold down a job in the later years,due to unprofessional outbursts. She has delusions -- she acts and thinks that she is in her 30s - or maybe her teens. She acts inappropriately around men - seeking attention, and validation. She is mixed up with a very sinister man, and he is the only person in the world she listens to. We (her family) think this man is only after her for her house. She does not have enough money to pay her bills, and hence, her electric and gas were shut off (electric is back on, for the time being), she has no hot water, she has no gas to cook with, she has very little food, she no longer bathes. She sees men in the trees in her yard, and in her backyard (there are no men). And yes, we have tried to help her.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: cleveland, Ohio
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