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My daughter and her mental health
My daughter (38 yrs old ) has gone through an abusive relationship and a divorce. I have been trying to be as supportive as possible, but somehow she has everything twisted in her head. She is blaming me for her making poor choice in her husband. She is blaming her father and myself for the outcome ( settlement ) in the divorce. She has read where other people come out with $20-30K settlement and she got nothing but the bills and child support. She has now isolated herself. Will not talk with family members. Will not allow us to see our grandchildren. Her entire personality has changed 100%. She is hurting herself and her kids by this isolation. I paid for the divorce attorney and continue paying her bills so that she has a place to live -- but I can see that she is so hurt that she does not trust anyone -- including her family that has been nothing but supportive and loving to her forever. I do not know how else to reach her. I ask for prayer that she will open her eyes and know love
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Arlington, TX, USA
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