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My daughter
Good morning I am asking for prayers for my daughter. She is going through a child custody case that she is having to deal with and it has been nothing but hurdles to get through. Last night we found out some information from her that was very troubling and is every parent’s nightmare she has been chatting with someone online and not in a good way and doing things that are not right in Gods eyes she is very easily persuaded and can get caught up in this world’s evil ways. She is upset with me and my husband as we found out what she has been doing I prayed with her and I have placed all of this in Gods hands I am asking for strength for my daughter and for God to touch her heart and for the holy spirt to intervene in her and to close her thinking of needing to be accepted by anyone I want God to open her eyes and her heart. I also want prayer for my husband and I to be strong and give us guidance on speaking with her. Thank you
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Peoria, AZ, USA
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