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My 3 kids and I
I being in a relationship with the father of my kids for 18 years and we got separated 3 weeks ago after he hit me in front of my kids am going through a tough situation I being asking God for strength to continue whit my head up and I want to ask for wisdom to take good decisions and put him first to guide me to get closer to him I need God in my life I don't want to lose myself I need for him to rescue me from this situation and take me to the right path i believe in him I also want protection the father of my kids also do dark stuff like he worship the death and have a dream that he through a skeleton on me and it turned to dust I want my house my kids and I be protected I believe in him I believe he would take me out from this . Thank you
Name: Lesvia
City/State: Pompano Beach, FL, USA
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