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Me And my family are not doing well and I am trying my best as best.
That I can make this happen so that my wife and sisters mother and wife's daughter's we are struggling to survive my we have been going through the worst times in our lives we need help this story would you could not believe how we are trying to stay alive with the amount of money we have I feel that I am the only one in my family that hasn't given up. I am trying not to give in to my feelings of giving up but I am trying so hard. You are my last time to try to let someone know how much we are hurting my life has been very hard I am on disability for brain injury and wife is bipolar disabled also we are living with my mother in a one bedroom apartment and she is very much a great mother and I won't her to know we will be able to make it on our own after she passes. She is very ill my wife's mother just died and were trying to coop with this among other struggles to survive. I'm not sure if you have any idea of what I am going through but if you really saw that you we understand the p
Name: James
City/State: Acworth, GA, USA
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