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Marriage restoration
My husband left us June 2nd.. I believe his family along with spiritual attacks are keeping us from being together. He finally came to see our girls 5wks after he left. I tried speaking to him, but his sister wouldn't let him. They have always interfered with our relationship and I fear it's worse now given how he looked uncomfortable that she wouldn't let us speak. I'm praying to God to please save him.. save our marriage. He told our girls he still loves and misses me. Honestly he fears himself and his family more. Himself because he knows he has issues he feels he can't fix and feels he's not good enough for me, his family because they threaten that they will not speak to him if he comes back. Like both parents are deceased I know he doesn't want to lose what's left of them. My heart hurts... I miss my husband and so do our kids. His family's so evil in their way of thinking.. we need prayer. We need God to step in and save our marriage our family.
Name: Amy
City/State: El Paso, TX, USA
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