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Marie and Z
10 yrs ago, I was engaged, and he was in an accident and passed away before we were married. I waited, was celibate for almost a decade, and told God I would wait for the right man to marry and start a family. Now, I randomly met the love of my life. He asked to get married and we were so happy. However, we have been arguing because he has a coworker who has said things that make her looks as if she wants him. All of a sudden she is asking him for money, calling at 2:30 am, and being too friendly and dirty, even though she slept with his friend too soon. That didn't work out. Now she is saying she wish she had what we have. I found through this woman that he lied, gave her money and may have been sleeping with her. Out of hurt, I made a mistake and cheated. He still says he didn't give her the money, nor gave her money, but she said the exact dollar amount on the cash app. However, I am not sure that because he is always on the phone at work, that if he is telling the truth, she may
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Baltimore, MD, USA
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