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Hello it's ladreama,I am asking if you would please pray for my relationship.I built a good relationship with this man for 13 years,he's not the father of my child but he is wonderful guy and my son loves him,he's from out of town we were planning on getting married very soon,so what happened he had to leave town and go where his mother is he hadn't called nor talked to me for a while I so I was worried,so he finally contacted me and told me what was going on,he's having problems,he just recently had a death in his family and his mom has to go into major surgery,so right now we are apart,not broken up.he doesn't even know when he's coming back here to me,he such a great lp to me because right now I am struggling so hard working 2 jobs to make ends meet with my 10 year old son,I'm asking if you could pray for us ladreama Howard and his name is Travis collver this is the man I would love to marry and the only man my son has been comfortable with please pray for us Thank You God Bless🙏🏽
Name: Ladreama
City/State: Fort myers
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