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Kidney Stone very Painful
I’m a professional singer, currently singing in D.C. for Jesus and telling everyone using our show about how Jesus was born 2,000 years ago and brought hope with Him into this world. I started having terrible pain on Wednesday; found out I had a kidney stone. I was given 5 prescriptions for it to help flush it out. However, even though I’m drinking lots of water, taking my meds, and following the instructions, NOTHING seems to be working. I’ve missed 3 days of shows, I was able to return today, but only with lots of pain meds in my system, and tomorrow will be the 5th day that I haven’t been able to pass this kidney stone if I can’t get it out tonight. I’m so tired, I’m physically and emotionally exhausted, I’m in pain, and I feel like it’s driving me mad. I’ve been praying to the Lord and trusting Him, but I’m also getting desperate because I cannot finish my time here performing and making my livelihood with this pain 🥺 Please pray for this to leave my body, for me to pass it🙏
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Florida
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