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Intercessional prayers needed for my health and protection
Please pray the God intervenes and protects my baby, my health, and my family from anything insidious or corrupt. Pray that Jesus surrounds us with protection from negligent, possibly accusatory doctors and nurses working for the enemy. Since before I became pregnant the enemy would attack my health, I’d have doctors accuse me of being on drugs instead of helping me and they’d be surprised when their random drug tests would come back negative. I had a subchorionic hematoma at 6wks pregnant, and the Lord sustained my health, took me so long to recover. Now, I’m 7 months along,and I’m battling with severe pregnancy hypertension and drs are once again saying they need to drug test me. I can say, God as my witness, I don’t do drugs, I don’t drink, I don’t even take Tylenol for pain. I feel like I have to allow drs to do things to me just to clear my name, God has seen how much I’ve gone through.Even though I have nothing to hide, I feel anxious& sad. I humbly ask to be lifted up in prayer.
Name: Ruby
City/State: San Jose, CA, USA
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