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Infidelity In Our Relationship
I have been in a relationship for about 15yrs or more with Adrian. We have had a ups and down. He has cheated on me multiple times seeking the affections and attentions and/or more with other women within this time we have been together. We overcame it and were able to more forward just me not really trusting him very much. Well just within this year It happened again and i started seeing and feeling a change in him like i did years ago. I lost my job in january and that is what he claims started it. but he had all ready started a FB account and had been seeking and messaging other women but i didn't know about this account yet this was red flag #2. then May/April roll around and he has a new female co-worker. I was introduced and i felt really weird because of what i was seeing and how they were interacting. that was red flag #1. he was totally interested and work dating. this woman was moving in on him fast and he still continues to talk with her and the others on social media now.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Bryan
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