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IFBB Fitness Organization
The IFBB is a worldwide fitness organization that employs coaches that serve also as witchcraft practitioners and sex traffickers. There are several occult symbols in their stage props as well as other material being shared online as of 2021 from other Christians. I have noticed over the years several Christians that have competed in these have died mysterious deaths and young for being healthy and steroid free. The number 33 at their age of death seems relevant and I'm not sure if that's tied to freemasonry or what. Recently I went through deliverance the lord revealed my coach had done things ritualistically while working together. He also referred me to a doctor for a MRI that took my blood and made weird statement about having a lot of adrenaline. Godimmediately told me this was taken by deception and placed on a evil alter. As I heal please pray my family is protected and delivered. I feel the occult is sacrificing people that have not renounced the organization and aren't saved.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Anchorage, AK, USA
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