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I feel like I’m drowning.
I feel like I am drowning. Almost a year ago I had to end a relationship, with the one woman I feel God put on this earth for me. The reason to end it was, Unfortunately she was brought to me at the wrong point in our lives and we were in different places. Something we could had worked through but seems the Devil won this battle. We tried to reconnect and it was going amazing and once again the Devil intervened and we ended again. I was doing well up until out of no where she has been weighing on my mind, heart and soul like never before. She is seeing someone new and I know I need to let her do this if she's happy. But I am struggling, she is still weighing on me constantly and it is physically painful. I had no idea she was seeing someone until days after for whatever reason God put her back in my heart. I am requesting pray for guidance to get through this, be it alone or if God enters and puts us together again. I need to breath again. Thank you in advance.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Pleasant View, TN, USA
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