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Homeless and desperate
Hello.. my name is Dave and I need prayers and support desperately!! My wife and I are currently homeless due to our inability to afford to find a place to live. I got sick a few months ago and found myself unable to work for 3 months. Although my wife worked as much as possible we found ourselves to the point that we used all our savings and now we completed our lease. We both are now working however we cant save up enough to get a place. We have decided to move baçk to Wisconsin where we lived almost all our lives. We are currently in Myrtle Beach SC. We are now living in our vehicle and due to a law where it is now illegal to be homeless in your vehicle we are living in fear of being arrested. We still both work however we seem to be stuck in a downward spiral of just surviving and càn not seem to save enough to be able to pack our belongings (currently in a storage) and drive back. I have cash app-$davedoyle04 PayPal - [email protected] Chime -$davedoyle04
Name: David
City/State: Myrtle Beach
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