Prayer Request

Health, financial, and other.
1) Healing for congestive heart failure, 1 chamber is totally shot. 2) Nephew, David Chizmar, is in a wrong relationship with a trans guy. Get them out of this lifestyle. 3) Wrongly suspended for 6 weeks then fired last summer. Never told specifically why, and given a number of after the fact excuses. I'm looking for reinstatement with all benefits and seniority as it was and would be if I never left; huge raise; all money lost since then to be returned; all involved (at least 4 employees and the HR guy) to be fired, for them all to give me 100% restitution for all money lost; and a written apology and statement from the owner, president, COO, and whoever else in upper management, that this will never happen again. Thank you.
Name: Robert
City/State: Tarentum
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