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health and financial relief
please help me end this poverty mindset that has plagued me for years now. I have high dreams and plans for something called Heaven on Earth that will benefit many people in the near future It involves setting up intentional communities world wide. This is my passion and my life's work right now but I cannot continue it without an influx of money. I have known this is my path for 15 years now and have put a lot of time and energy into it, but can never get off the ground with it. also my health is in jeopardy probably from not being able to fulfill my life's purpose for so long. So if you could pray for my health and for the launching of heaven On Earth I would be very happy. thank you. Tanager. Also Montpelier was just hit with a devastating flood that destroyed many homes and most downtown businesses. I will pray daily for all of these people but any extra help would be appreciated. I know this is a lot but it is truly needed. Thank yo again
Name: Tanager
City/State: Montpelier Vermont
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