Prayer Request

healing and peace
ord I am feeling anxiety and need you to help me I need to go to bed and sleep but feel anxiety I took too many sleeping pills I am still so upset with what happen on last friday about Gene he avoided me looking at me and would talk to george but not me and he usually has a smile for me at least and he was trying to make me jealous because of the two girls that came in one likes Gene a lot,,like me and he usually shows me likes me too but instead he made a point with the girls made me real sad inside and I felt like crying and I did, he effects me Lord and I do not like it and he knows it Lord..I hope he is not mad at me Lord..I just do not understand why he did that last friday I just been crying Lord I just what peace about it it is too much for me Lord I do not even what to go and see him sing anymore
Name: gretchen
City/State: Bend
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