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Heavenly Father, We lift up Beverly before you today, placing her precious life and well-being in your loving hands. We know she is facing a fierce battle with stage 4 lung cancer, but we come before you with unwavering faith, believing in your miraculous power to heal. Lord, we pray for strength to course through Beverly's veins, fortifying her body to overcome this illness. Embolden her spirit with unyielding resolve, and illuminate her mind with unwavering hope. May your divine touch reverse every lesion, casting out the very essence of cancer, leaving no trace of its darkness ever to return. We know, God, that you are the Great Physician, the healer of hearts and bodies. We hold onto your healing scriptures, finding solace in their promises of restoration and wholeness. We believe, wholeheartedly, in the miracle you can work in Beverly's life. Surround her, dear Lord, with your legions of angels, a thousand strong, guarding her every step with their celestial wings.
Name: Virginia
City/State: Mobile, AL, USA
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