Prayer Request

Good morning, hope all is well and you had a great Xmas. -a minister who had cancerous prostrate removed- for God's healing for no more medications for horrible side affects of surgery, very, very expensive medicine. -Praise, a lady seeing a demon, tempting her to come to Satan's side. Spiritual warfare started. Within a day, rededicated her life to Jesus, and returning to church. Please pray for spiritual protection and continued daily growth. -for a dad of 2 girls, for 7 malignant tumors to have stopped growing after test. If growing, he needs a miracle to live. -for a christian mom and teacher, complete healing of severe chronic back pain for several years daily. All treatments have failed. -for God to supply for financing of children's book, dealing w/history of Santa Claus and birth of Jesus. And why a Xmas lawn sign, had Santa kneeling before the baby Jesus. -healing for 2 differnt Christian parents of serious illnesses. Thank you!
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Escondido, CA, USA
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