Prayer Request

I'm praying for these things.I have a lady friend I've been dating on,and off for 6 years.Her names Julie Pearce.I feel the relatinship between us has been kinda toxic,and I wanna see it grow.Were suppost to be best friends too,and I'd love to pray for her to have a change of heart for me,and be in love with me like I am with her.I'm also praying for her salvation so she'll get saved,and accept the Lord in her life so she don't wind up in hell,and start going to church too.I'm also praying for some upcomming surgeries she'll be having too that she'll recover ok.I' also praying that my car,and RV trailer will get fixed,and back to me ASAP,or within the next week before the end of the month cause I really need them back.I also have pre diabetiese,and I'm praying that the Lord will heal me,and get rid of it from me.I'm also praying for a big money,and financial blessing,and thank the Lord for the $1,200 I won 2 weeks ago.I'm also praying that I can at least win 1 more bingo game?Thank you
Name: Matt
City/State: Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA
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