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I need to be able to pay my bills. My medical bills are unpaid. I pray that Hod will bless me in this way so that I can bless others as I use to be able to do. My husband died in Oct. I miss him with every breath I take. He had a reverse mortgage that we were planning to add my name to . He got so Ill that it escaped our minds. So when he passed I got a call the next day that I would have to move from our home. I had to start packing in the midst of my grief. I am doing better, but I feel so lonely. I am in an apartment which I really can't afford, but I had to find something fast. I was so hoping to rent a house. I have been experiencing the fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue I have. I also have diabetes and other health issues.I am 72. I felt 57 before all this happened. I can not get a job or I would. I just had a non injury car accident that cost me $500 dollars to get my car back. Just before all this began one of our little dogs got run over. I pray, pray, pray!
Name: Marilyn
City/State: Independence
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