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1939-1940 a member of the resistance against Nazis was caught and his wife demanded of my Mother to take the short wave radio to Gestapo and they would release her husband. Of course the moment anybody is caught no evidence is left. The wife would not believe it and cursed my mother and the rest of the family for as long as anybody is alive with the worst imaginable. I was there and I remember it vividly. And it really worked. Luckily I and my Son are the last left but to tell you the truth I have had enough. My life is getting from bad to worse and at 91 years at times I just can't believe all that is happening. Plese pray for us that at long last it stops and God grants my Son a life free of worries and myself a reunion with my long deceased loved ones. Thank you. Hana
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Osprey, FL, USA
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