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My name is Santos Ruiz Alvardo. My boss name is Wilber Zelaya. My truck broke down I called left my boss a message. I called a towing truck took it to the mechanic. Next day I went in to work and brough with me my receipts gave them to my boss. He said I was fire and that I wish I could purhcase my house He would make sure I could not close on the purchase of my house. The bank called the office to verified Employment My boss son answer the phone did nto verified employment instead he focus and telling the bank I had been fired. I believe a spirit of Jously has entered to both my boss and his son. All three of us work for the same company. I do not want to report he case to Dept of labor because the owner has been a great person. Please pray the God will be done In jesus Name Amen!!!
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Silver Spring MD 20903
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