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Big life changes
I have recently had to move back to Colorado to take care of my mom who is in hospice care at home. My husband, kids and grandchildren are all still back In Oklahoma. I’ve been here a little over a month. Things are so overwhelming. I do my best to care for my mom while still taking care of home 678 miles away. I feel like everything is sitting on my shoulders and I feel like I am beginning to break down emotionally, mentally and physically. I have started drinking at night, I try and tell myself it’s only beer and it’s for relaxing and that I deserve the nightly break. I know from living several years in the past in addiction that I am lying to myself. I am here watching my mom slowly die day after day and I feel hopeless and helpless. All the while I long to be back home with my husband and family and the feeling of loneliness is getting really hard to bear. I am a Christian and pray constantly but I feel as though even my faith is getting harder to hang on to. Please pray for us.
Name: Nancy
City/State: Aurora, CO, USA
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