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A cheater
My boyfriend has been cheating on me since day one. Please God don't allow him to come back to USA. God knows he's nothing but a cheater and a liar. God you know he's not good for me if you allow him to come back here that means I'm stuck with him because he doesn't have anywhere else to go he doesn't have any family here or friends. He hurts me on purpose. God you know the only way out of this is if you don't allow him to catch his flight. Please God help me with this I'm not asking for anything bad to happen I would never wish that on anyone. But I need something to happen that prevents him from catching his flight please I can't handle him anymore he's just a bad man because of the constant cheating and lying he does. Cheating is a sin by itself. This just hurts me too much God please please keep him from getting on the airplane I know by now he's out of money and that will prevent him to buy another ticket to return. God you know my heart you know what kind of man I need in my life
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Largo Florida 33774
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