Prayer Requests

The power of prayer should never be underestimated, and the community is here to support you by joining together in faith.

Grace & Love

I work and volunteer in areas where immense measures of grace and unconditional love must be poured from me and through me. I need a new revelation of His love for me; I desperately need a full measure of the love of God. I need to be gracious to others. I feel run dry and simply walking/functioning in the flesh. I need a revival inside me. Thank You


Hi I have a friend he isn't talking to. Me at the moment. Because of a girl she is sabotaging our friendship and relationship there is a friend she is also using me. Things for me have been upside down. Ive been treated poorly. Been treated. Unfairly. Been having. Friendship problems dramas. Gossipers. Friends family parents people places and things on both sides treating me spreading false information about me and my three babies. Been having fincial problems. Eveyone just being bullied to me. Lying to one another. Making up stories about me. Giving me a hard time. Giving me the cold shoulders I'm in a situation. Where. I am. Being. Used. Neglected by firends family. My life is a mess. I'm hurt. I'm in a dark place. My life isn't moving. To better and bigger things I'm stuck In the same situations same dramas ECT. My life is on pause. And I need prayers and god to. Come and do something about this. Whole thing. Thank you have a blessed day

Heath of my colleague Noah

Please join me in prayer for a healthy recovery of mind, body and spirit, for my colleague Noah, who is in ICU with a very serious heath problem.

I need to be guided by the Holy Spirit

Heavenly Father please pray for Nemiah And the desires he has to want to be with God And please pray for his family as well


I need prayer to pray for my life and I have challenges that am facing like drinking alcohol excessively and I want to stop this bad behavior. In Jesus name I pray

Financial Breakthrough

I am currently unemployed and haven't found work and my bills are piling up with no real way to pay them. I am praying for financial breakthrough and a way to feed myself and take care of myself. I want to be able to make sure I can afford the basic necessities of life like food, water, electricity and shelter. I am pray for financial stability.


I’m the mother of two living adult sons with families, one son passed away now . My life is being threatened here daily . Please pray for us in this life for a better outcome . Thank you 🙏

Miracle math

please pray for my sister in law Kristeen after going through a terrible divorce was left with debt to pay off with her retirement $. she sold their house and now has to pay 57k tax bill due to her accountant not reporting the sale . lord she's faithful in her tithes and gives to so many others that are less fortunate. i pray you will make a way for her right now that does not wipe her out financially.

Miracle Needed

I am in desperate need of a financial miracle TODAY! Standing in faith and praising God for the miracle! Thank you!!

Prayer needed today

I'm asking for prayer for my boyfriend, he is having surgery today at 1:00 MDT for pulmonary embolism. He has been struggling with pain for some time, and this weekend he passed out after a medical treatment making this surgery necessary. Thank you.


My lust full pass of relationships with men. I dont want no more god. Please pray by me and keep me save.

Urgent prayers needed

I am requesting divine intervention into a financial situation. I am praying that the other person will concede and leave peacefully and not to come after me. My prayer is for peace in this situation. I am going to make him a reasonable offer and my prayer is that he will accept it and push me into litigation.


Asking for prayers lord all I can do is trust you and seek you right now. My heart is very heavy but I give it to you. I need a huge miracle enough to fix my suv, my tv went out and repairs in my home. It’s the holidays I really don’t have extra but I’m Having faith as small as mustard seed kind faith. I’m praying for enough money that fix and get my house in order than take a trip for Christmas with my babies we been through so much this year. I’m trusting and praying


Unrighteousness has been done against me, lies have been said about me, they have made false accusations against me and my relationships. Me and miguel have been fighting spiritual attacks and spiritual warfare, that has affected our relationship. I pray that justice is served, the truth has come out to the light, and those have been exposed who desired to hurt us. I pray that God reveals them and touches there hearts to do right and speak the truth. In Jesus name. I pray for Miguel, because I loved him.


Prayers for healing for the loss of a very dear friendship. May I become a person worth being friends with.

Healing for Yvonne and God's peace for me

Please pray that Yvonne has a speedy recovery and please pray for a complete healing and restoration for Yvonnes whole body and please pray for God's healing and God's strength for Yvonne as she recovers from her heart surgery and please pray that Yvonne returns to working with me again soon and please pray for God's peace for me because I am very scared of losing Yvonne

Helping with Mental health

Please pray for Bryce as he navigates this hard time in his life to overcome fear and be able to move forward.


Hi, I am in a weird predicament. I am someone who works in the gig economy and the money that I receive from it has dwindled down to practically nothing in the last few months and its causing me to not be able to pay my bills. I haven't been able to pay my utility bills for the better part of the last 2 months and no matter what I do, I can't rectify this situation. I have filled out job application after job application with the hope that maybe I can find a "real" job and I haven't found anything yet. I am losing my mind because I can't fix my situation no matter how much I try and I am mentally exhausted and I can't even eat anything. I am so worried about my future and possible threat of potentially being homeless in Detroit soon. I am at my wits end with my situation and I seriously wish that I could just commit suicide. I am extremely depressed and my soul is broken. I am asking for prayer like I have never asked for prayer before.

Marriage Restoration

It has been 3.5 months since my husband left. My children and I pray every single day for Gods will and his return to our family. Please continue God will will be done, hearts will be softened, forgiveness will be given, and our family will soon be whole again.

Legal Matter

Please pray for the following: “When a man's ways please the LORD, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him” (Proverbs 16:7). Please pray that the Employer/Carrier/TPA and their attorney allow me to sign their previous settlement offer “as is”. Pray the offer is still available to me “as is”. Pray that there is no offset to my social security. Pray that it be done speedily. I know this is God's will but it will take prayer. These insurance companies and their attorneys are nicknamed, "soul crushers". So I ask for God's mercy to pull me out of this relentless and corrupt system whereby I can sign the previous offer "as is". I received poor direction from an ombudsman attorney and now I am asking God to safeguard the earlier offer. God bless you! Thank you! Sincerely...............Elizabeth

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