Prayer Requests

The power of prayer should never be underestimated, and the community is here to support you by joining together in faith.

prayers pls

I'm struggling mentally for the past year. Life has been difficult. And I have a hard time dealing with it. Please pray for my health and intentions.

My wife needs your prayers

My wife is pregnant, and it is a very difficult pregnancy for her. We are doing everything we can, the doctors too. But we need all the prayers we can get. Please help us.

Children in DHS Custody

Please pray for my family. My 2 boys, ages 3 m and 9 y were taken into DHS custody last night. Pray for their safety and swift return. Thank you and be blessed!!!


Please forgive our transgressions and show kindness to both us and our dogs.

healing for my family

Our family recently suffered a big loss. We're all scattered and broken right now -- all dealing with it in our own ways. Please help me pray for my whole family and that everybody heals.

all your prayers will be appreciated

please pray for my daughter who will be giving birth this week. pray that she and her baby be safe.

pray for my husband

My husband works in law enforcement, and I can feel the stress and the weight of his job stressing him on a daily basis. I try my best to ease his burden daily, but I know he is tired even when he doesn't complain or say anything. Please pray for him and all the good men who work in law enforcement to protect and serve their communities.

Really need a lifeline

Your prayers are my lifeline. I was just let go of the job I had for more than 13 years. For the first time in my life I don't know what to do. Please pray for me.

The right decisions

please pray that I make the right decisions with my life. i feel that i am at a crossroads and im afraid to make the wrong decision

Requesting prayers for my neighbors

My neighbors are nice people. I feel for them as their daughter ran away with a young man and has never returned since. Please pray for their peace of mind and that their daughter return their communication

Please help

I have seen so much suffering and despair in my line of work that I'm now struggling to see the good in the world. I keep praying everyday that things will change. I keep praying that the Lord may see these suffering and help. Please help me pray for the people who suffer.

may God guide me

I'm taking a big leap of faith and decided to switch careers. This will be a completely different experience for me. And I'm humbly asking for your prayers that God guide me.

Praying for my pet

Please pray for my cat, Georgie who's been missing for a day. Pray that we find him, and he can return home. Thank you.

Prayers for celebration

My youngest brother just graduated from college today - the first one in our family to graduate college! I couldn't be more proud. Please pray for his journey moving forward. Pray that God gives him strength and resilience as he ventures into a whole new world.

My wife left me

My wife left me for another man she met at work. I'm having a hard time understanding if this is God's plan. I'm having a hard time understanding anything since she left me. I'm so lost, please pray for my wife to come back.

praying for my mom

Pray for my mom's mental stability. Give her the perseverance to get over her loss, loneliness, and emotional anguish.

pls help

I need your help in praying that I will be able to repay all of my debts.

life has been difficult lately

I'm so lost. My husband left me and our 1 year old daughter for another woman. I'm torn between forgiving him, working on our marriage or starting a new and better life for me and my daughter. Please help me pray that God may give me clarity.

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