Prayer Requests

The power of prayer should never be underestimated, and the community is here to support you by joining together in faith.

Went in the sweepstakes

Say that I win the money to sweepstakes to buy a home because I am a broke person playing a sweepstakes trying to win

Prayer for my health

I can’t work due to my health issues. I have lost everything because of this issue. No I am about to get put out on the streets because my SSID does not cover all my bills plus rent. I have never been put out before I am so scared. I know there are good people out there that will help me out. But they are hard so hard to find these day. I pray every night to my father. I know he will come through when no one else will. In the name of Jesus. Amen

Financial help

I ask for you to pray 🙏 for my health and my being able to continue paying my rent, I have not been able to work since last year in November and to strengthen my life with God's word.


I need a prayer to get my own home again and get out of this apartment and get in a different state soon

Nicer place to live my last days. I am physicly disabled and in a whee

I am physically disabled and over 60. I am in a power wheelchair and this place is not REALLY set up for that. I live in a Section 8 apartment that is very old, not very safe, and dirty. I need a nicer place to stay and live the rest of my life in safety. THANKS!

Prayer Request

Please pray for Michael who is an alcoholic. Ask God to heal his mind and soul and remove the evil stronghold on him. In the miraculous blood and holy name of Jesus, I pray…. Amen

My life I can't move on 39 years I cañtlet go of noel.i need a sign fr

Prayer foith,love and heart to put him to rest so 💔😭 can let him go on his journey and me on mineGog Bless everyday u give me lord dr

Lost Hope

Please pray for my family I recently lost my husband and now facing having to leave our home. We have 3 kids I work 2 jobs and 3200 behind on rent I have no help. Please pray for a smooth transition I'm so worried ....thank you


I'm recently homeless due to the passing of my grandmother it also had caused my kids to be put in foster care because I have no where to live anymore

Need prayer

I back slid. Like the prodigal son I want to return. I need healing so i can walk again. I broke my femur and haven't walked in 2 yrs.

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