Prayer Requests

The power of prayer should never be underestimated, and the community is here to support you by joining together in faith.

Intervention on my nclex

Dear Lord first of all thank you for everything that you've given us. I pray that i will pass my nclex this coming dec 30. I asked for guidance and wisdom. Please be with me in my exam. Send me my guardian angels and Holy Spirit to help me answering questions. I asked this in Jesus Name Amen.

Depression of loneliness

Me and my GF Rosita baser Abella been together for 3 years we supposed to get married we brought our wedding rings together but we couldn’t find a house that accommodated 4 car parking and 4 bd 2 bath that meet our income it’s been a year and I’m not sure why but Rosita felt depressed also and Rosita broke up with me 2 weeks before Christmas , I have no one to spend these holidays with I’m very alone , can’t function or hardly eating , I been praying on my knees for draw Rosita back into my life , please pray for me , I’m hurting , hard to fucus on my jobs , depression on Oahu 😭💔thank you

Anthony Roberts prayer request

Anthony roberts Angelic assistance cover my life and to continuously fight for me and to help me New friends For god to make it right Exceeding abundantly above all can ask or think Malachi -3:10 I tell you the truth, if someone says to this mountain, 'Be lifted up and thrown into the sea,' and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him. (Mark 11:23) Sho i repent for the knowing and unknowing and that god have mercy on me and make me into his image everyday. and keep his angles around me daily protected mr from hurt, harm, danger, seen and unseen and my family too. let all my prayers be answered by gods word as i prayed and sowed seed. and that i will go far in life. and that all those trying to stop my blessings be met with fire from heaven. Show Pray and ask god what I'm dealing Long life Exceeding abundantly above all can ask or think. Maya and sister and family( desires of the heart) lake Wales fl Alissa lak

Need prayers

Have not been feeling well at all lately, could use some prayer for healing both physically and mentally also for growth in my faith l.

Healing of all cancer in the body

I am asking for Prayer for my dad Billy Hardy Oliver, He is going through Chemo right now , the chemo is making him very sick and weak. I am asking for prayer to rebuke that cancer out of his body and that he will be healed and cancer free. Now the chemo is affecting his heart. Please pray !!!!!!!!!! Thanks Praying for complete healing!!!!!!!! He will be doing a pet scan on Friday !!! Praying for good results . Cancer free Pleae pray God can fix his heart , it was messed up by the chemo. Asking God can fix it !!!!!!!!!!!!

Prayer request

I'm asking for some prayers to put their hands over my good friend Chispiro Almaguer who lost his 15 on Oct 31st to Fentanyl poisoning/ suicide, not sure how they are categorizing as but him and his other 2 kids Ana, 17 and JJ, 14 are having a really difficult time even more now with the holidays. I just don't feel my prayers alone are helping😭. So please if you could lift my friend & his family up and put some healing hands on their hearts and ease some of the heartache they are experiencing I'd appreciate it!

prayer request

Please pray for me, that God will show me His will regarding my girlfriend. Is Sharon the one He wants me to be with. I always pray in His will. My name is Patrick and her name is Sharon, from Virginia.

Lady in pain

Please pray for Julie. She had severe constant shooting pain throughout her spinal back area. She is not able to sleep much and get herself fed properly. The precious Christian lady need prayer for healing and relief from the constant pain. Thank you


Dear prayer partners, GOD bless you and keep you this holiday season. You are a great inspiration to me, keep up the good work. I am being evicted and need to pay past and current bills. Please place my situation before Our LORD when you pray, thank you.

Husband with stage 4 cancer

I am asking if you can pray for my husband Vinny who has been fighting stage 4 cancer called neuroendocrine tumors. It has spread to multiple areas now including the heart. He will be trying a treatment in January the only treatment they have for this type of cancer in hopes to help shrink the tumors. It has risks and side effects. It's a radioactive infusion treatment. I am praying for a healing miracle. I want this cancer to be completely gone. He is terminal so it's important for me to receive this miracle for my husband as I love him and don't want to lose him. I try to stay positive but it's hard when every time he goes for another scan they find his cancer has gone to a new area. I am thanking God that he feels okay and I think that is what keeps him positive. Please pray for him to be completely healed of this terrible disease. In Jesus name. Thank you and God Bless.


I have been having acid reflux issues for about 3 years. About 4 months ago I started having more severe acid reflux, bloating, nausea, and loss of appetite. I went and had a upper endoscopy and they told me I had a hiatal hernia. I am asking God to completely heal my hiatal hernia, and stomach related issues. Thanks, Bryan

Help/healing/provision/safety/place to stay/people to help/medical

Emergency request. In the hospital for 6 weeks!!For deliverance from all evil, that god would work miracles and move mountains. Radial full body’s healing. I’m in danger and difficult decisions and bad medical symptoms. For a stable long term solution where I am safe, can breathe well and have loving people around me that meet all needs, that I would not die but live, with no struggle breathing. That God would send angels and work miracles and provide a way we could never imagin. That I can continue to live without stirggle. Heal and make it through next year as well.’thay any around me I will find favor and God will caise Unity, bring he right caregivers. Radical financial provision. Safety, and his nearness and true trust in Christ alone and eternity with a him. Strong faith and fearless hope and courage. That all the circumstances will work out for my safety, healing, and that I can be reunited with my sweet girls and son Will you please share with elders and prayer team and pray

Need prayer more than ever.

This has been the worst year of my life. Laid off, ran out of unemployement benefits, applied to hundreds and hundreds of jobs with no offer yet, paying off massive student debt loans for higher education that has not been even helping me land a job, I lost my new car that I was paying for, lost thousands of dollars with that, my rent is increasing, and I am feeling extremely low on life. I have cried out to God for months and life just keeps getting worse. I need help and the power of prayer.

Healing of cancer

Hello, Please pray for my mother who got a bad report from the doctor for cancer. Her name is Debbi. I'm trying to get as many prayer warriors onboard as possible. Thank you!

Miracle healing for my Dad

Please pray for my dad Juan Manuel Duran. He had a massive heart attack on Dec 8 and has been in ICU since then. There's been many complications that kept him from getting the coronary artery bypass surgery like unresolved fever, pneumonia, high blood pressure and no circulation in his feet. Please pray for my dad for strength to overcome this and for healing and recovery. Thank you

My family

Sorry for the you guys please pray for my husband that he is struggling right now with his emotional anxiety irritated tiredness and other negative thoughts. His priorities can be more closer relationship with Lord Jesus Christ and read the Bible more. My husband can talk more about Lord Jesus Christ. My husband stop using to much social media and start focusing priorities. My husband start having more communication with me his wife and less social media especially see boy's in underwear. My husband priorities can be Lord Jesus Christ and his wife and kids and dogs. Please pray for my 21 year old daughter and my 19 year old son that they stop arguing so much verbally badly. They can have more better than each of them. The enemy stop attacking my husband and my kids. Please pray for my marriage that can be more closer relationship and more stronger

pray for my daughter in hospital

my daughter had stroke. sugar over 500. And drug use Pray for deliverance. healing and her return back to God. Her name is Bonita

Healing & Protection

Please pray for Strength, Healing, Protection and God's merciful blessings for Stephen, Marian, Carl and Robert. Asking this in the Name of Jesus. Thank you for praying and God Bless all of you.

Son's Health

Eldest son Matthew contracted double pneumonia and covid 2021. 2022 he received a double lung transplant. I received word today he has covid again and his body is in stage 1 of 5 rejection of the organs he received. I lost a son 2017 to a heart attack and a daughter 2923 to overdose. Please pray

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