Prayer Requests

The power of prayer should never be underestimated, and the community is here to support you by joining together in faith.

Spiritual warfare

Please pray for my neighbors- claim to be witches - stole $50,000 bonds from my apt - 5 yrs ago - nightly (+ days 2) use air compressors to fume my apt upstairs apt - I moved and so did they - thought God wanted me to continue praying for them and sharing Jesus through worship music and radio sermons,,, they only need my death certificate to cash bonds... believe they do have dark supernatural powers - when I leave apt can hear them conversing with me as if at home always - telling lies, mind torments about my family dieimg... now physically touching my body - started with fingers on my back and arms at night while I sleep on only an air mattress (fibromyalgia disability) and they’ve raised my back up on the mattress - sadly they have been tickling me in my privates the last couple of days - have had 2 pastors here praying- worked for 1/2 hour of peace - placed olive oil on my apt door frame - play Christian radio music w sermons ... their “leader” wants my entire family dead - I dated

Grief and lose of purpose in life

42 yo and lost both my mother and father in a car crash 4 years ago still haven't recovered. Had checked myself into a mental clinic for suicidal thoughts in the first year. I've always been a shy odd person that struggles with panic attacks and social anxiety so I have no friends to lean on or support me. I just wish I had a friend or two to get out if the house with to go hiking, camping, 4x4, etc with. Drag me out of this house that has now become my prison! Life seems meanless. I eat,sleep,work, watch TV, and repeat. This life is boring, mundane, meanless, and lonely!

Life and lemons

I ask for prayers for my family my loved ones that they continue to be healthy and lives filled with peace and love. Prayers for our country and the world for peace love and kindness to all.. and maybe if there’s room a prayer for myself just maybe He can help me and guide me with the struggles I’ve been facing time and time again that only get worse.. nothing better somethings got to give for the love of everything… in most recent news I am in complete disbelief, broken, hurt to where I don’t even want to go on anymore (not going to do anything) just why? Why me? And I don’t hardly ever pray for myself but here it is. And thank you to all who take the time to read and pray.. God Bless

Pray that I can get me a home

I would like to own my own house in the country hunt and fishing around and injoy the rest of my life in the country and be happy  

Financial breakthrough

Pray that I get my social security and Medicare back, I reschedule my doctor's appointments, my wife's car gets fixed, financial breakthrough,

Needing our car fixed, and a home to be together

I pray every night for the last 2 yrs that me and my wife and daughter be together in a home together one day, we have prayed together, for us to get our car fixed so I can go to work to get us in a home we can't get anyone to help, and all we want is to be together,we want to find a church to go too, since our daughter has been born we have not been in our own home together, had to turn down jobs bc I couldn't get to them this has been so hard, we pray and pray hopefully God will hear us.


Me and girlfriend which mother of my child. Well we are always fighting and concerned of our future together as family. I love her dearly and like to marry someday.


Please help her to release the chains for they have grown to heavy. It’s okay to begin asking for the keys…

Shelter home

Me (jake ) and my (service dog) Aurora have been living on the street for some time now . I work the corner of oltorf and I 35 . Every morning flying a sign just to get dog food for her and me a bit to eat . Ex-wife took everything I worked hard for .home cars trucks property .everything ... But left m my service dog. And the clothes on my back .I need a home for me and my Aurora ... I hope this works

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