Prayer Requests

The power of prayer should never be underestimated, and the community is here to support you by joining together in faith.

starting a family

I humbly request your prayers for a very special intention. My wife and I have been hoping to start a family and it would be a true miracle for us to conceive a child, especially as she is getting older. I ask that you keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we embark on this journey. Your support and encouragement mean the world to us.

Prayers for depression

Dear Lord, we lift up David to you today and ask for your comfort and peace to surround them. We know that depression can be a heavy burden and can make daily life seem unbearable. Please give David strength to face each day and hope for the future. Help them to feel your loving presence and know they are not alone. May they experience healing, both physically and emotionally, and find joy and happiness in you. Amen.

In need of help

I need help with $250 or my water and my power will be shut off. I got sick and have been out of work for sometime because of it. Got everything paid but fell short $250. Really in need of help. I have 4 days to get it paid.

I need prayed for

Please pray for my children help them understand the choices i made . the i was not able to fight . but iam now n i need them in my live asych as they do i.. Please pray that i figure out with more . n helpp me set my bounderies n keep me safe. Allow me to mothery children... Give the the courage n streanght to call me .. PLease fill my sole n heart weith wealth . lord pleade

Pray for me please

I am really struggling in life right now and I need help getting on my feet sox so bad it's really sad how bad I have been neglected the past childhood and young adult growing up... But if you could please pray I get a really good job and start having a steady flow of income coming in every week..

praying for the abused

praying for the abused, especially my childhood friend who has experienced a lot of trauma and abuse during our childhood.


my husband and i have been trying for a family for years. we can't afford treatments like ivf, pray that God bless us with our own family.

Edward faircloth I

Would you please pray for me I got bad kidneys and I'm praying for a house my son lives with my wife is passed away at 6 years I've been and I've been with my son and me he's been helping me out pray for him too his name is Edward prayer called the second pray for both of us I really do need this home I am retired and I am disabled amen


Please pray that one day I will be able to find a home peace in happiness pray for guidance ,love joy but I have great faith strong heart but seems I get to the finish line aways get stopped in pushed backwards in have to do it again


My husband Wally is cheating on me and I wanted him to stop and tell me the truth,I know the truth he needs to tell me the truth and stop lying. I want to be a husband and wife again. Please help him to tell the truth Lord and be Wally my husband again. Amen  

Pray for me and everyone experiencing hardships

There are no shortages of turmoils that we endure in our lifetimes and no one is more important or less important than the next. I just ask for prayers for all that are suffering finding adequate housing options because it's definitely a on going problem being experienced in the world today. I pray for all that the resolution is not a big drawn out. I'd also like to have all my family friends and others minds eased of stress and worry so that their minds are free from clouded judgement so that locs may fill their hearts and the sun will shine on their lives forever more thanks

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