The churches of America are the backbones of each community. So much good comes from the support and services of our community churches, whether in a big city or in a small town. When growing, the resources of each local ministry can be vital for contributing to the good will of that community and in spreading the good word.

Growth is a great thing and should be handled with trusted and experienced lenders who have made it their mission to further the work of spreading the gospel and making the lives of God’s children better through Christian love, support, and service.

How is a church loan different from commercial lending?


When you work with a church loan consultant, you will have a ministry-focused experience from start to finish and beyond. Church lending advisors want to provide funds to the churches of their communities to help expand the good that exists, and to serve many others.

When churches are given the tools, and means to grow, they become further engaged in their communities and can more fully build God’s Kingdom here on earth. By contrast, the commercial lending approach is business-focused and might have little concern for the mission of the church.

The vision shared between you and your ministry-focused church lender expands beyond what can be seen on a current financial statement. Your church lending advisor sees the blessings brought to your current and future patrons on your church.

Consultative Approach

A commercial lender and bank policies by nature will stick to a rigid transactional approach using sales-based exchanges that might put you in a financial spot that does not benefit you or the people you have stewardship over. A church lending partner takes on a highly consultative approach to lending.

This approach is intended to build a relationship that fosters a forever bond with someone who cares about the spiritual and financial needs of the ministry. Your church lender will look at all potential means for building or expanding your church, which may help you keep your debt load lower than you think.

Conversely, a commercial lender is usually motivated to encourage as much debt as possible. Work with someone who is on your side and who will embrace the future goals that you have for your ministry. The consultative approach that you will get with your church lender will be tailored to your personal needs.

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Spreading the Good Word

When you are building a new church, or expanding an existing church, it can be an exciting but stressful experiences. The number one source for making this experience enjoyable through the inevitable ups and downs will be found by seeking strength and guidance from God.

Pray to God, and ask for His guidance as you move through this hectic process. Your personal greatest strengths may not be as builder of structures, but ironically you are certainly gifted and blessed as a builder of The Kingdom of God. Rely on that strength within you, and foster relationships that will align with His will and your ministry’s mission. When you do, you will make the experience a great one.

Our church lending advisors put God and His Kingdom first. Our mission is far-reaching, yet we desire to help inspire all to focus their lives on Jesus and accept Him as their Savior. We know that physically being at church brings great blessings to God’s children. We love that we get to help create, improve or expand your places of worship and church facilities–which we know will provide so much good to our brothers and sisters in the gospel and will greatly bless the communities we live in and serve in. The satisfaction of doing good every day is amazing. We just want to continue to expand and bring more good to the lives of you and your patrons.

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How to go from application to closed loan

STEP 1: Loan Inquiry

We start by understanding your ministry and the factors that make your mission unique. It’s more than just looking at numbers on supporting documents. It starts with a conversation.

Complete the Loan Inquiry Form a local loan consultant will contact you to start the conversation to understand your exact needs.

STEP 2: Documentation

Your loan consultant will seek to understand the recent history of your ministry and where you plan to take your ministry from here. How will these new funds help you to better serve God and His children in your stewardship? Your loan consultant will help you determine your exact needs and if a church loan is the right choice for you. Together you will look at documentation that helps paint the picture of your church’s projected cash-flows, financial liabilities, and church assets.

Some things that might be considered are:

  • Description and history of your ministry
  • Goals and purpose for the loan
  • Membership and attendance
  • Financial history of your church
  • Current debt and debt history
  • Current assets and value of collateral

STEP 3: Consultation

Once your loan consultant has reviewed the documentation and understands your needs, a step-by-step plan will be constructed for achieving your goals. We’ll see how a church loan can be constructed to fit your specific needs. You will receive options and recommendations to allow you to make the right decision for your ministry. Your loan consultant will review:

  • Terms of your church loan
  • The process for final approval and closing
  • The construction draw process
  • Answer any questions that you may have

STEP 4: Final Approval

After your consultation is completed and you have accepted the terms of your church loan, the formal loan application would be completed, submitted and reviewed for final approval. Church loan approvals are issued with a formal letter detailing the terms and conditions, closed, and then your project can commence.


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