10306 Indiana Ave, Lubbock, Texas 79415

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"Welcome to Aldersgate! We are glad youre here. Aldersgate is not your traditional church family. Our passion is to be the church, not just a place to go to church. We use three words to describe who we are: CONNECT, LOVE, and IMPACT.<br><br><strong>CONNECT</strong>: We present the basic, enduring Biblical standards and principles that people of all backgrounds can base their lives upon, and use to grow in relationship with God.<br><br><strong>LOVE</strong>: We are committed to sharing life with others in deep, committed relationships. At Aldersgate, you belong and can become all that God wants you to be.<br><br><strong>IMPACT</strong>: We are radically committed to an intense focus on local, national, and global outreach. We realize we are called to more than just going to church but to be the church.<span style="line-height: 1.5;">"</span><br><br><strong>-From Aldersgate United Methdist Church, Lubbock, Texas</strong><br><p class="p1"><span class="s1"><b>- </b><a href="http://aldersgatelive.org/about/" target="_blank"><b>http://aldersgatelive.org/about/</b></a></span></p>

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10306 Indiana Ave, Lubbock, TEXAS 79415
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10306 Indiana Ave, Lubbock, Texas 79415

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