Writers Needed

Do you have a passion for spreading the gospel through writing? Writing is a key element at church.org. Our goal is to provide relevant, encouraging, and challenging content to all Jesus-seeking individuals. Church.org is always in need of writers to help spread the love of Jesus throughout the internet. Our desire is to have people in all walks of their faith that are willing to take a courageous step into spreading the word of God to others.

Church.org Mission/Vision

Live. Move. Exist. Acts 17:28

Everything needs to be centered around and point back to this mission/vision/verse.

Content Categories

  • Life and Family
  • Technology/Business
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Global Adventures
  • Current Events

If you’re trying to submit content for Church Resources, skip down the page and  use the form below. 

Writing Guidelines

  • 500 to 1,500 words
  • Ideally articles will have a new “headline” every 300 words at maximum
  • Articles should be original content (not posted on other blogs or sites)
  • Sentence structure should vary – only 25% of sentences should have more than 20 words
  • All articles will be reviewed before posted on church.org.
  • Church.org reserves the right to edit content before publishing.
  • Provide actionable advice, insight, inspiration, or hope backed with real world data, your experience, and/or the Bible
  • Limited use of passive voice when possible.
  • Be yourself
  • No fluff…make every word count
  • We can backlink to writers (if they have a blog or work for an organization)
  • Some articles will be promoted (paid advertising) on internet through church.org (your articles will be seen).
  • If able, please add a picture that YOU have taken that relates to your article/blog. If you can’t find one, we will add one for you. Any submitted images must follow Creative Commons

Website Access

  • Please create an account on gravatar.com.
    • Sign up with the same email address you will use to create your Church.org author account
  • This photo will go into your author bio (see the bottom section of our blogs). Bios include:
    • Photo (Gravatar)
    • Links to your website/blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc
  • Write your post on the Submit page
  • Once you are finished with your article, please save for later or Submit for review.


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