Columbus, OH. It was a typical working day for Chick-Fil-A employee Levi Jones, when he spotted a homeless man named “Walter” sitting under a tree nearby. In an interview with WRBL-TV on October 2, 18-year-old Jones said that as soon as he saw Walter looking very tired, he went up to the homeless man because God had led him to do so.

Not only did Levi give Walter food, he also handed over his own shoes. He noticed that Walter did not have any shoes on, and coincidentally they have the same shoe size. Levi returned to work without any shoes but the Management gave him a pair that is available. However, it is 4 sizes bigger than his. Levi gladly received them and continued working without complaint.

Later on, it was learned that the homeless man was expecting a newborn son and has decided that he will be naming the baby, “Levi”.

According to the management, at another occasion, Levi helped a family who had trouble with their debit card while ordering. Levi swiped his own debit card to make sure that they get their meals. He also gathered everyone and prayed for them.

The branch’s operator Todd Kalish said that Jones’ acts reflect those of Chick-Fil-A founder, Truett Cathy.

“Truett told us always obey your kindhearted impulses and so you’re (Jones) kinda channeling that; and he really didn’t even learn that or hear that. It’s kinda in his DNA,” testifies Kalish.

“I love Jesus and as His son. I’m called to live and walk just like Jesus did on the earth. Jesus hung around homeless people. He took care of people, loved on people, blessed people wherever He went and so I just wanna walk as my Father which is Jesus Christ walked and live that out every single day of my life,” says Jones. (WRBL-TV)

Not A First For Chick-Fil-A

Levi’s good deed is not the first time Chick-Fil-A was involved in such. December 11, 2017, an unidentified Chick-Fil-A patron at Bowling, KY, noticed a needy man wearing dilapidated shoes that were only held together using duct tape. Before the man could go back out into the cold, the good Samaritan went up to him and gave him his own shoes.

A witness was able to capture the gentleman’s photo while finishing his meal with only his socks on. The photo made it to Twitter that night.