If you read the first installment to my self-care journey, aptly titled “7 Ways You Can Start Taking Care of Yourself,” you may remember my list of things to do to help us take care of ourselves. BUT sometimes self-care looks like this: binge-watching TED Talks and listening to podcasts!

In these moments where we just need our “cups filled,” here is a short list of resources to turn to. I watched and listened to a lot, but decided which were noteworthy…so you wouldn’t have to!

Brene Brown’s “The Power of Vulnerability” TED Talk 

If you’re like me and you struggle with being your authentic self because of all of life’s hurdles, this short talk will shake you up! The way Brown speaks about touchy, difficult issues is so moving. This honest look at shame, fear, vulnerability, and courage is eye-opening and everyone should watch it. If you just can’t get enough of Brene’s wit and brilliance, pick up any of her books and lock yourself in a room for a day. Its impossible to put her books down!

Guy Winch “Why we all need to practice emotional first aid” TED Talk 

The larger truth of many of our lives is that we push away our feelings in order to function. After you watch Brene Brown demolish your core understanding (in a good way), watch this guy (…see what I did there?). He explains how our willingness to be open to our emotions is actually much healthier than ignoring them, and he even gives some specific hints as to how to go about this in daily life. This talk is not really “spiritual” per se, but it is certainly helpful for anyone on a self-care journey.

*Note: There is actually an entire playlist of “self-care” TED Talks but I picked my favorites here!

Andy Stanley’s “Starting Over” (4 Parts) in the “Your Move” Podcast series

This series is so profound no matter what we’re going through. Its all about “how to ensure that this time won’t be like last time” in pretty much any situation. I have been so moved by Andy’s real, genuine, no-filter teachings. This is basically a self-help + self-care + self-actualization chat with one of our most talented speakers of faith. Andy uses a few stories in the new testament and one reference to Moses from the old, but really this is not so much text-based as his other series. He brings some of the most relevant truth to my life and this series may be his best yet.

Guy Raz’s “How I Built This” Podcast, specifically the episode with “Chicken Salad Chick,” Stacy Brown 

This is such an inspiring story of a fight, and then another fight, and then another within a short amount of time in this amazing woman’s life. Stacy’s story is incredible, and it will make you want to eat all the chicken salad and then love your family hard. This episode is a great one to pop on in a car ride, especially if you live near Auburn, AL or are passing through on a summer trip. Again, this one is not so much spiritual, but amazing and so powerful.

Ultimately on this journey of self-care I’ve been learning that, much like anything else, we have a responsibility to ourselves.

We owe ourselves the gift of happiness, but in order to get there, we must be honest with ourselves and do some work. Life just doesn’t lend itself to these realizations all the time. Of course, there are moments that slam us down and force us to encounter the ugly parts of ourselves, but most of the time we just coast along wondering what our next meal will be and we would rather not think about the “tough stuff.” We can be pros at ignoring the innermost parts of ourselves.

Self-care is something that can be so unique to each person, yet its core truth and power is the same for everyone. We all need to replenish our oils and we all need a little help sometimes. On those days where all you can manage is a 30 minute bath or a quick jog, give one of these talks a listen/view and remind yourself that you are on this incredible journey with some pretty smart people…so you might as well glean what you can from their experiences!