Athens, Georgia based singer-songwriter, Andrew Blooms, (real name Andrew Huang) is a one of a kind artist with passion, soul, and uniqueness.

His style and grace draws people in, but his profound intersection of authenticity, pain, longing, and faith within his music keeps people around and excited for more. In his upcoming album, “From My Window to Yours,” Andrew sings of the human experience with God in a delightfully raw way.  You will likely leave his songs feeling more understood and encouraged.
Andrew first started gaining traction in college when he and his former band, “Mosaic,” began performing their original songs about love with faith undertones around the south. Prior to joining “Mosaic,” Andrew, a UGA grad, released his first worship solo album, “Hiding Places,” in 2014. After the band went their separate ways, Andrew began working on his second album, coming out this spring.
While his debut solo record is in the works, he writes, “…the goal is to create a collection of songs to frame my journey and experience with God in this current season. Through my life’s transition, transience, and disconnect, I am finding that God, and all His promise, can carry me through all things. Though it does not diminish the complexity and depth of what happens in my world, my faith helps put it all into a space – a grid for purpose and understanding how and why it all matters. These are the truths I hope to illuminate with my music.” And he does just that in the beautiful, timeless songs that he has created.

Andrew is the kind of person who puts his all into loving those around him.

The way he lives – with Jesus at the center – bleeds out into his songs. You can sense that you are listening to the voice of someone who has tasted and seen firsthand the goodness of God.  Andrew uses the pain and confusion he has personally undergone as the vehicle to hope and healing.
While his talent in singing and songwriting is evident, he also is a producer, recording/mix engineer, visual artist and graphic designer. He is using his production company, Bloom Sounds, to assist other artists in their creative process. On his website, he writes, “I believe that the process of making a record, not the outcome of the music itself, is the ultimate aim and my goal with each project is to allow a space for my artists to explore, grow, and ultimately be excited and energized by the process of seeing their creative visions come to life. I value excellence, honor, creative boldness, and willingness. I believe that all of these things are key ingredients to growth as a human and growth as an artist.” While his career is only just beginning, it’s evident that he will be a lasting force in the music industry.

Andrew’s voice, lyrics and gift of playing the piano (he plays his childhood one in the album) is combined eloquently in this debut video: “Love Has Come.”

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