What do I do when I wake up? Look at social media.
What do I do before I go to sleep? Scroll through Instagram.
Let’s face it.  We’re all on our phones more than we should be.  I’ll even admit that I reach for my phone a heck of a lot more than I reach for my Bible.  Yikes!  But what if there was a way we could combine both?
You guessed it – there is!  Here are 7 great Christian leaders to follow on Instagram.

Craig Groeschel – @craiggroeschel 

Craig is the senior pastor at Life.Church, a Christian author, and the creator of the YouVersion Bible App (which is awesome if you haven’t downloaded it.)  He’s also a husband and the father of six children.

Robert Madu – @robertmadu

You’re sure to fall in love with Robert’s adorable family.  Robert is a pastor at Trinity Church and has shared his love for Jesus by speaking at churches all over the world.

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Louie Giglio – @louiegiglio

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Louie Giglio is the pastor of Passion City Church and also the founder of the Passion Movement.  He’s also an author and a public speaker.

Bob Goff – @bobgoff

Bob Goff is the author of “Love Does.”  His infectious personality comes through on his Instagram account, and his inspiring quotes will leave you feeling positively happy.

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Lisa TerKeurst – @lisaterkeurst

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Lysa is the President of Proverb 31 Ministries.  She’s also a New York Times best-selling author and speaks at events all over the nation every year.  Check her out.

Levi Lusko – @levilusko

Levi is the pastor of Fresh Life Church, a husband, a father, an author, a speaker, and overall a really cool person.  He posts short videos of his messages on Instagram that leave you wanting to hear more.

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Christine Caine -@ChristineCaine

Christine and her husband Nick have founded both The A21 Campaign and Propel Women.  She is an author and an incredible speaker.

Following these 7 accounts will definitely add value to your IG feed.  That way, when you’re scrolling in the morning or at night you’ll feel inspired to continue building your relationship with Jesus!