The other day I was reading a devotional on my Bible app.  Some of you may already have the Bible app but if you don’t you should check it out.  It has an extremely large and diverse amount of content including reading plans and devotionals.  (That plug is straight from the goodness of my heart.  Whoever runs Bible app is not sponsoring this.)  God’s word is literally at your fingertips.  I digress.

The devotional I was reading described resentment as a “self-inflicted wound.”

Those words struck me.  There are so many externally negative factors that consume our lives.  And honestly it’s hard to admit that there are times that we are hurting ourselves.
One of my consistent prayers is to align myself with God’s will.  As I think about self-inflicted wounds, I recognize that these wounds distance us from God.  I’ve decided to do a 3 part series on self-inflicted wounds and how we can heal them.  Today we’ll start with resentment.

It’s hard for me to admit that I have harbored resentment for people.

I am lucky enough to say that resentment is not part of my every day life.  This isn’t the case for all of us.  It can seep into family and intimate relationships.  Some of us deal with it in the workplace with coworkers or supervisors.  Others can’t let go of people who have wronged them in the past.
Resentment can be healed with forgiveness.  And as I typed that word I took a deep breath.  Forgiveness is difficult.  It takes time and effort.  It also takes practice.

My devotional pointed out that not everyone deserves forgiveness.

This is something I hadn’t thought about before.  Someone in my life may be undeserving of forgiveness, but I should work to forgive them to protect my own heart from hardening.
In order to heal our resentment we need to admit that it exists, understand that the person we’re forgiving may not deserve it, and pray for the power to truly forgive.
There’s a quote, “Let it go or be dragged.”  If we don’t let go of our resentment, we will be dragged further away from God.  And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to give anyone or anything the power to come between my relationship with God.