The team spent Passion 2018 at Philips Arena in Atlanta. The Day 1 Recap is a great starting point if you missed it.

Piper and the Quest for Joy

John Piper - Passion 2018 - Photo by Austin Bell

John Piper opens day 2 of Passion 2018 – Photo by Austin Bell

Day 2 of Passion 2018 kicked off with long time guest speaker of the conference, John Piper. Dr. Piper taught the attendees (which are mostly comprised of 18-25 year olds) about the quest for joy from the Infinite Energy Arena. The session was live streamed online and directly to the other 2 arenas where Passion met, Philips Arena (Atlanta) and The Anthem (D.C.).

Christ exalting love for people is the overflow of joy in God.”John Piper, Passion 2018

Party at Philips Arena

Andy Mineo - Passion 2018
Following the first session, Philips Arena turned into a giant party with the help of rap artist Andy Mineo. It was an amazing display of glorifying God through different forms of art, from music style to the production from the A/V team. Mineo and artist Wordsplayed rallied the arena around anthems like “You Can’t Stop Me”, “Know That’s Right”, and more from their joint album, Magic & Bird.

Christine Caine at Passion 2018 - Photo by Mary Caroline Russell

Christine Caine speaks at Passion 2018 – Photo by Mary Caroline Russell

With the stage primed for the next session, Christine Caine lit up the arenas and online conference just before breaking for lunch. The Australian born justice activist led an exciting and inspiring session that caught the attention of fellow speakers and leaders across the country. Philips Arena shook with passion stirred by Caine, and was evident in the Tweet storm that occurred during her session.


Fireside Chats with the Giglios: Special Guests Sadie Robertson and Tim Tebow

Shelley & Sadie

Sadie Robertson with Shelley Gigilio - Anna Meyer

Photo by Anna Meyer 

Shelley Giglio, co-founder of Passion Conferences, introduced Ducky Dynasty and Dancing with the Stars favorite, Sadie Robertson from The Anthem in D.C.. The arenas lit up with excitement when their peer was introduced by Shelley. Sadie, age 20, shared how God helped her conquer insecurities, fears, and chase down her purpose.

Sometimes you have to just do it afraid, and God will meet you in your fear and enable you.” – Sadie Robertson, Passion 2018

Sadie shared relatable insight from the perspective of a young adult that was also a Passion attendee in the past. A highlight from her discussion with Shelley was how she heard the call from God to become a public speaker, something that she described as a huge fear.
The young reality star shown through with her candor and authenticity. It clearly left many in the audience saying, “that’s how I feel, too”.

Louie & Tim

Tim Tebow at Passion 2018 - Photo by Mary Caroline Russell

Tim Tebow and Louie Giglio – Photo by @MaryCarolineRussell

If you haven’t been to a Passion Conference in the past, here’s a little inside information. There has been a longstanding rumor that “Tim Tebow is coming this year”. It happens every year. 2018 was the first time it actually happened.
Shelley handed off to her husband and fellow co-founder of Passion Conference, Louie Giglio, and he welcomed the star athlete, Tim Tebow, to the Passion stage for the first time at Philips Arena.
The two on stage opened up with some friendly banter regarding college football, sports, and Tim’s first Passion appearance. The two seemed like old friends catching up, and the audience benefited with plenty of laughs.
As Tim and Louie dug into a more serious side of the talk, silence fell as Tim shared with authority. Much like Sadie, the younger audience could easily connect with the Millennial football star.
Tim shared inspiring advice to the young audience through stories of upbringing, challenges, and triumphs.

People won’t look to us by the title that we have, but the work that we put in… Kindness doesn’t have to be soft. Being humble doesn’t mean we have to be weak… The biggest impact that we have on people is because they can see something different (how we show up to work, school, practice, etc).” Tim Tebow, Passion 2018

Louie Giglio Closes Out the Night

Leading the final session of the night, Louie Giglio delivered an inspiring lesson to the audiences across all three venues and online. Louie touched on a topic that resonated and needed to be heard: Christ finished the work of dying for our sins, and we need to live on purpose due to the unfinished work of the Church.

After the session, Louie encouraged attendees to take the next step and follow Christ. Imagine you’re 20 years old, you accept Christ, and then you stand in front of over 30,000 of your peers. Throughout the arenas, students stood, filled with courage, and publicly proclaimed that they were giving their hearts to Christ.
Additionally, the night closed out with a call to make an impact around the world. Passion is known for gathering college students and providing them with an outlet to make a headline worthy impact worldwide. Last year, students that attended Passion were able to sponsor every child available for sponsorship through Compassion International in 4 countries and part of a 5th. The partnership with Passion and Compassion has led to over 10,000 kids being sponsored by college students in 2017. According to Passion, it was “the most children that Compassion International had ever seen sponsored at a single event.”
The challenge in 2018 grew, and was also met with a potential $500,000 anonymous matching donation. Go to Make History Together to learn more.

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