You and your spouse are unique. There’s never been another us just like the two of you. You might be thinking, aw, we’re like a marital snowflake, how romantic, or you may be thinking thank God there’s not another marriage just like ours because we are a hot mess.
Well no matter where you’re currently finding your us, you can experience more moments of awesome and less moments of awful because God gives us clear directions and instructions for a marriage, and when you dive in to see what the Bible has to say about marriage you find verses that have how-to’s and a-ha’s and when we trust God and follow His instructions for our marriage, we can start to create habits that connect us as a couple. But maybe your spouse is not really willing or open to do marriage God’s way.
Be encouraged. While it always takes two to keep a negative cycle going, it often just takes one to stop it. Here’s the great news: you’re not the only one who really wants you to have a great marriage.
God wants that for you even more and He gives us great instructions on how to have a great us, helping us have more moments of awesome and less moments of awful, helping us to become our best us.